Sigma Chi Zeta Lambda

Housing Corporation

The purpose of the Zeta Lambda House Corporation is to provide safe, secure and effective housing for the active members of the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity located at 238 E. Main St. in Kent, Ohio. Like in school, our cross functional team is made up of brothers who have graduated from Kent State and possess the skill and desire to dedicate their time and energy toward ongoing benefit of Sigma Chi. This is a non-profit organization.


President: Dave Parrish
Vice President: Tony Lecian
Treasurer: Don Dages
Secretary: Cam Denbrock
Members at Large:
Jack Ambrose
Jeff Stone
Mike Lindsey


Tom Ross, Tim Diamond, Michael Davis, James Roden, Jim Rezabek, Frank O’Grady, Todd Smith, Will Laska, Kevin Stone, Russ Marchetta, David Pfeiffer, Chris McFadden.

Our home at 238 E. Main St. is near and dear to all of our hearts but it is a building that is in need of a great deal of attention. We are making plans for future upgrades but below are some of the projects both recently completed and currently in process:

HC is currently working on the upstairs bathroom. In most cases House Corporation pays for these types of repairs and improvements. But for some projects we have relied on the generosity of alumni brothers.

The upstairs bathroom is being funded by the following

Dave Parrrish, Russ Marchetta, Victor Giaconia, Michael Davis, William Laska, Michael Lindsey, Chris McFadden, William “Cam” Denbrock, Daniel Romaine, Scott Parker, Frank Campagna, Carl Kropf, Jack Ambrose, James Roden and Richard Hronek

The labor for the project is being handled by Tony Lecian and Jeff Stone.

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