Brothers, we are coming up on the 55th anniversary of our founding at Kent State University. To celebrate this milestone we are organizing events to connect with old and new friends. View details on what has been planned.


Sigma Chi brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds to assist one another in the attainment of high-minded goals — a friendship of a higher order that we call brotherhood.


Sigma Chi offers a host of social life rewards, but it does so in the context of molding good character within its members. Integrity, sound judgment and loyalty are all lofty goals that can occasionally be found contradictory to the impulses of collegiate life


Sigma Chi offers an avenue for collegiate men to develop an appreciation of lifelong learning in order to gain knowledge, wisdom and character.

What is Sigma Chi?

Sigma Chi is a brotherhood with roots in the collegiate experience that engenders a lifelong commitment to strive to achieve true friendship, equal justice and the fulfillment of learning as part of our overall responsibilities to the broader communities in which we live.

We achieve these ideals through the practice of character qualities embodied in our Ritual, and continuously reaffirm our purpose through the observance of Sigma Chi’s Governing Laws and through adherence to the decisions of our legislative assemblies, which empower and direct our leadership.

In addition to its 239 undergraduate chapters and 132 alumni chapters (as of summer 2012), Sigma Chi is comprised of five operational entities: the Sigma Chi Fraternity, the Sigma Chi Foundation, the Risk Management Foundation, Constantine Capital Inc., and Blue and Gold Travel Services.

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from welcome weekend my freshman year to now you’ve all made my college experience unforgettable!!! can’t wait to take on this year with the best group of guys & girls i know 🤩💙💛 so much love for you all 🥺

Sigma Chi Kent State@Sigma_Chi_KSU

Congratulations ladies!! 4

So much love for these guys and girls. Couldn’t ask for a better group to have these past few years💙💛 love you all so much

Sigma Chi Kent State@Sigma_Chi_KSU

Congratulations ladies!! 4

MY PPL, congrats to everyone , best group of girls I got nominated with. Shoutout sigma chi for giving me support and love, all you guys are amazing💛💙

Sigma Chi Kent State@Sigma_Chi_KSU

Congrats to our nominees! 4

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