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There is a difference!

Joining a fraternity has many advantages. Here are a few that Sigma Chi proudly exhibits.


A study done at Oklahoma and Oregon State Universities show that fraternity men are more likely to earn a degree than non-affiliated students. Sigma Chi strives to maximize the potential of all brothers and pledges in their scholastics. This is done through the forms of study tables, tutoring, and time-management. A Sigma Chi realizes that scholarship is his first duty; he went to college to get an education.

In order to join the Zeta Lambda Chapter of Sigma Chi, a student can have no lower than a 2.7 college GPA. The Zeta Lambda chapter cares a lot about grades, since academic success is the reason we attend college. We are currently starting into the Fall 2019 semester beating the All Men’s Average once again.

Community Service

Aristotle once said, “In the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.” Sigma Chi has been a leader in fraternities for providing philanthropic service and support for over for over 50 years. At Kent State University, the Sigma Chi’s participate in a weeklong philanthropic event involving other Greeks, known as Derby Days, to help raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. We have been part of the Huntsman 20K club, for the past three years consecutively, which means we have raised over $20,000 in one week to help fund cancer research.

Besides that, our community service chair keeps us busy with setting up weekly community service events on the Kent State Campus or the surrounding area. We have made it our goal as brothers of the Zeta Lambda chapter to individually reach 30 hours of community service per brother, each semester.


At Zeta Lambda brothers possess different temperaments, talents, and convictions. In Sigma Chi, you will not only form many friendships, but also a brotherly bond with each of its members. It is these friendships and this brotherhood that Sigma Chi gives to each of its associates. It is a lifelong bond, not just a four-year program.


The Zeta Lambda chapter of Sigma Chi is involved in many different intramural sports, which include outdoor soccer, basketball, flag football, and many others. Playing sports among brothers drives the competitive spirit and is a great way to build sportsmanship, friendship, and just to have an all around good time.

Future Success

As stated, being a sigma chi is not just for the time that you are in college. It is a lifelong commitment and often an indicator of future success. Being part of a group of highly motivated and ambitious young adults helps to cultivate drive, tenacity, and leadership. As a member of the fraternity you will have the opportunity to lead events and run elements of the chapter. These skills will benefit in future jobs or any other aspect of your life.

There is a difference