The Zeta Lambda Chapter of Sigma Chi at Kent State University was founded 50 years ago. Over the years, the chapter has become stronger. The reason for this is because brothers do not see our Fraternity has a party playground, a way to pay for friends, or any other stereotype assigned to us. IT IS A BROTHERHOOD. Each brother will be there at any time of the day when help is needed; your shoulder to lean on throughout you college career and in your life down the road.

Diversity is also a main part of Sigma Chi. We believe in a brotherhood among members of different temperaments, talents, and convictions is stronger then a brotherhood among members with the same temperaments, talents, and convictions. In Sigma Chi, you are your own individual. Your pledgeship is not a time period where we train you to act like us, to be like us. Each brother contributes to the running of the chapter in their own special way.

Over the years, brothers have held many positions on Senate, IFC, and many other organizations on campus. Our chapter holds a week long philanthropy known as Derby Days, raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network. One year, the chapter invited all other fraternities and sororities to help build a playground at Locoy Elementary School. It is through this involvement with Greek and Non-Greek activities that Sigma Chi shows everyone who we are.

But words are only words, and nothing more…

If you are interested in finding out more about us, please talk to us in person. The door is always open, so feel free to stop by and meet our brothers. If you see a Sigma Chi on campus, feel free to stop him and ask him whatever questions you have. You are always welcome to stop by, get to know Sigma Chi.

History of Zeta Lambda

In February of 1962, the Chi Sigma Colony was founded at Kent State University, under the guidance of the Akron Alumni Chapter of Sigma Chi, the faculty adviser William Weidner (who was a Sigma Chi himself), and under the close supervision of the Grand Praetor of the Northern Ohio Province. The colony’s expressed purpose was that of petitioning Sigma Chi for an active charter. Elected president of the colony (as of yet not University recognized) was Ron Isle. The organization was patterned after that of an active Sigma Chi Chapter, including the names of the officers and general chapter structure and proceedings.

On October 29th of that same year, Chi Sigma petitioned Kent State University’s I.F.C. for University recognized colony status. This status was soon granted and the Colony flourished, participating in all I.F.C. functions (Homecoming, Campus Day, etc.) leading all fraternities academically, holding its own Sweetheart Ball, and sponsoring its own Penny Carnival to benefit handicapped children.

On March 25, 1964 Chi Sigma’s status was upgraded from Colony status to Fraternity status by the KSU I.F.C. These men continued to excel in all aspects of campus life and demonstrated their ability to effectively govern themselves, and as a result an active Sigma Chi Charter was granted on the 26th day of September, 1965.

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Chapter Officers

Marius Karl 

Adam Shaw

Jeff Dockum
Recruitment Chairman

Jimmy Lodi

Zac Clark 
House Manager

Lukas Minkov
Legal Chairman

Dylan Repuyan 

Sean O’Meara
Public Relations

Codey Criss
Pro Consul

Jacob Bowling 

Conor McDevitt
Derby Days Chairman

Nikolas McDole
Risk Manager

TJ Harris
Scholarship Chairman

Matt Georgevich 
Chapter Editor

Max Mrugacz
Social Chairman

Hunter Mravintz
Community Service Chairman

Josh Bonacci 

Nick Santillo 

Dica Santosa 
Derby Days Chairman

Jamie Arthur
IFC Representative

Alex Jeffers 
Brotherhood Chairman

Austin Salinas
Sports Chairman

Trevor Boggess
Fundraising Chairman

Ben Smith
Event Planning Chairman


How does Sigma Chi feel about hazing?

There is a zero tolerance for hazing in Sigma Chi! Hazing neglects the fraternity and what it stands for – BROTHERHOOD, BUILDING CHARACTER, HIGH MORALS, AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

How many hours a week will I have to devote?

There is one mandatory pledge meeting once per week, which is a requirement to become an active member. All additional activities are optional, but pledges are encouraged to attend philanthropies, socials, and other events to make the most of their pledge experience.

Will Sigma Chi be a financial burden?

Every pledge and active member alike is treated as an individual, especially when it comes to finances. The treasurer tailors payment plans and will do whatever is in his power to accommodate pledges’ personal financial needs.

What should I expect during my pledge experience?

One can expect their pledge period to last approximately five weeks. During that period, a pledge absorbs all the meanings and proceedings of Sigma Chi. This is a very critical time for a pledge.