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Tim is a results-driven Director for Centric Consulting’s Process Excellence (BPI/BPM) Service Offering. He is an experienced Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with leadership experience/ expertise across a wide range of Healthcare Services, Manufacturing, and other industries. Tim leverages this experience in order to identify the proper balance of people, process, and metrics required to achieve the desired level of improvement. He has experience implementing large scale continuous improvement projects and is adept in leveraging his process improvement expertise in order to maximize benefit gained by utilizing the tools and the Lean methodology..

Centric Consulting
November 2018-Present

  • Expanded Centric’s presence as a holistic process improvement firm with expertise across people, process, metrics, and technology and the ability to appropriately balance amongst these areas.
  • Develops and maintains delivery methodologies (process assessment and value targeting, BPMS delivery, etc.)
  • Supports/manages multiple office PEX marketing and business development efforts.
  • Supports/drives client project activities as appropriate. Responsible for ensuring delivery excellence across Centric PEX projects.

Cardinal Health
January 2008 – September 2018

Responsible for the establishment and creation of the Performance Improvement Consulting group of Cardinal Health. Which was derived from my original position of the “At the Customer for the Customer” position. Created group with the assistance of Senior Vice President of Cardinal Health with the vision to assist

  • Healthcare Organizations to deploy a continuous improvement methodology within their organization.
  • Acted as an agnostic consultant to assist in the implementation, training, certification and deployment of the Lean Culture within every class of trade in the healthcare market.
  • Responsible for assisting in the creation of content and material for this group for marketing, sales, and project execution for this Fee for Service offering targeting a C-Suite consulting offer.
  • Guided team of 8 Consultants on projects, received project updates and coordinated resources for new and potential accounts.
  • Solely responsible for Business Development and effectively manage pipeline of prospects to customers in the sales cycle. Exceeded revenue targets each year. Continuously manage multiple engagements concurrently with different levels of participation and scope, direct and allocate resources to each project.
  • Responsible for the development of specific offerings to different Classes of Trade within the Healthcare Market.
  • Conducted over 50 Supply Chain and Clinical workflow assessments at Acute Care, LTC, and Mail Order customers. Collaborated with other business units to offer support and a variety of Cardinal Health offerings to Ac

Favorite ΣΧ memory
My Initiation and attending the initiation of my nephew as well a several brother’s siblings and sons.
Running with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain with 11 Zeta Lambda Brothers
Running the Boston Marathon with Zeta Lambda Brother Michael Davis
Founding the Zeta Lambda Foundation with Michael Davis
Meeting my wife at 238 E. Main St.
The list goes on….