Sigma Chi Zeta Lambda
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I have married to a fantastic woman, Heather, for 19 years; we have two children named Poppy and Hudson; we normally reside in Lakewood, OH but we’re currently living in London, England this year; my hobbies include cycling, oil painting, and trying to learn guitar (I still stink at it); I have been a volunteer coach for recreational, indoor, and travel soccer programs for over 20 seasons; I am the founder and CEO of Calyx, a cloud technology solutions company; I’m currently enrolled in a three year entrepreneurial program at MIT in Boston; I’m active with the Cleveland Chapter of EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization); I’m building a maker’s studio and R&D lab in Westlake, OH this year; I’m creating a non-profit to mentor middle schools students who love STEM; I love auto racing and all things with an engine that are beautiful… and redheads too. I also enjoy meditation and Stoicism… and anything that challenges me to learn and grow.

Favorite ΣΧ memory
It’s impossible to list one, so here is a list of my favorites: playing foosball with Philip “Flipper” Gallo in the trophy room; living with Ian, Rob, Kelly, and Ron on East Erie; the camaraderie and bonds formed during pledging and hell week; being a house boy for Delta Gamma (and being fed regularly); Derby Days; sitting on the wall at night with brother’s on beautiful summer nights; old man Charlie visiting us from time to time; road trip to Rochester University Sig’s.