Sigma Chi Zeta Lambda
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Lakewood High School 1974, Lakewood, OH
Kent State University, 1979, Bachelor of Architecture
Married Jeannie Damasiewicz, Delta Gamma and little sis, 1984
Registered Architect, State of Ohio, 1985a
Principal, RDL Architects, Shaker Heights, OH, 2011-present
Zeta Lambda House Corporation President 2019-present

Favorite ΣΧ memory
Too many to name one.
During my tenure as early Social Chairman, at that time we were a small chapter and most of us were not jocks. Many of the better sororities would not party with us as they preferred the bigger and more athletic fraternities. So, I invited the Delta Gammas from Akron to a party, a 100 member chapter, who did not know us. Well I got my wish—They all showed up ! At that time our social budget was meager and the brothers wore their best flannel shirts. Needless to say the DG’s all walked in, made a big loop through the house, took one look at us, and walked right back out! Dont worry—it got better after that!